Frequently Asked Questions

How may we help you?

The Cardiac Diagnostic Center can take care of any medical or surgical issue that needs to be addressed no matter where you live.

What hospitals are you associated with?

Dr. Magid holds faculty positions at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Why call the facility the Cardiac Diagnostic Center if you treat other problems as well?

Cardiac diagnostic testing is a key component to any other medical or surgical difficulty or complication. We deal on a daily basis with all other medical specialty areas whether pre-operative, in-patient, or post-operative.

What can I do to prevent a heart attack or stroke?

Make an appointment to have a state of the art cardiac risk assessment and we will provide you with a customized program tailored to your lifestyle and situations.

Why should I be interested in a state of the art cardiac assessment?

Heart attacks and strokes are the leading cause of mortality and disability in industrialized nations. They can occur without prior warning which is the case with more than 50% of all heart attacks. 

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